Mission Statement


“We will be known as the most innovative supplier for Appliances OEMs, reaching a leadership position in this market by delivering competitive solutions to our customers with an outstanding service, becoming the most valued group to our customers, colleagues, investors, and business partners”


The ITW APPLIANCE GROUP is part of Illinois Tool Works Inc. and is composed of five divisions groups: ITW Fastex Italy, ITW Fastex USA, ITW Ispracontrols Italy, ITW Appliance Brasil, ITW Metalflex (Slovenija), and Ark-les (USA, Mexico and China). Each one, contributing with its own expertise, creates a unique group delivering innovative solutions to appliance manufacturers with emphasis on cooking, dishwashing, laundry, and refrigeration products. The group offers a global presence with R&D, production, distribution, and sales/customer service centers located in strategic regions. With this structure we are able to act locally but with a global vision, actively practicing lasting teamwork with customers and suppliers.

It is our mission to be the most valued group to our customers, employees, and suppliers. We do this by keeping our operations simple, decentralized, and focused on the market, creating a proper internal environment for fast and accurate responses to customers' needs and desires, developing timely, added-value, and cost effective solutions with innovative ideas and flexible global logistics.

ITW Global Appliance Group follows all ethical principals, acting honestly and incompliance with global and regional laws.



Integrity, Honesty and Diversity

Passion about our business, quality and innovation

We strive for Simplicity

Social and Environmental Awareness

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