Adjustable Buzzer


Signals to indicate end of cycle, or warning alarm are available as electro-mechanical buzzers or electronic chimes. The most familiar applications are washers and dryers. Adjustable buzzers and custom tone generators are also available. Most of the categories shown are already tooled but special versions may be possible with minor modifications. There are several options for electrical termination, voltage levels, duty cycles and ratings.

This family of electro-mechanical buzzers has a full plastic housing and shaft that allows the sound level to be adjusted to the consumer’s preference or completely turned off. Operating voltages range from 24 to 240 VAC. It also includes a fastenerless twist mount installation and electrical termination to standard ¼ X .032in. quick connectors. Decibel readings range from 0 to 90 dB but the application enclosure has a greater effect on the sound quality. Shaft dimensions can be tooled for different mating control knobs and screw mounted version are also possible.

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